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Nurture your roots, nourish your soul

Initial Consultation

45-60 minutes

This is for all NEW clients!

Includes: full body Bioscan, ph/RBTI testing, face/tongue mapping, establishing a baseline for your body.

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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Follow-up Consult

30-45 minutes

Only for clients who have established baselines previously, or if you feel like you need more time with me. Follow-up testing to initial. RBTI ph testing

Quick check-in

30 minutes

Only for established clients

Bio-scan, RBTI/ph, quick follow-up to previous appointments.

Private Yoga Session

45 minutes

This is for anyone who wants to establish a personal yoga practice but is not sure where to start. OR for those who just want to advance in what they are already doing. 

Concierge Shopping Service

60 minutes

Tired of trying to read labels? Ready to take all the guesswork out of shopping? Allow me to show the options for your budget and your personalized needs. 

Why do I need Roots?

 A Rooted Body... My journey, and yours

Here at A Rooted Body, I believe it’s essential to invest in your whole health in order to

enjoy a full life from the inside out. It’s this belief that guides my Holistic and Natural approach within my services and recommendations.  At A Rooted Body, I focus on helping clients improve not only their health but an overall sense of well-being. I will address all the basic foundations or "roots" that we need in order to not only be healthy but FEEL healthy.

Our bodies are desperately crying out for someone to listen. Let me show you how to read your body and listen when it speaks. You will be more than a number when we connect. All our bodies are different, there is no set protocol or one size fits all when it comes to you and what your body needs.  Curious to find out more? Get in touch with me today!

Leaf Pattern Design

Never lose hope in the body's ability to heal itself. - Dr. B.J.Hardick

Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed,but sacred messengers who encourage us to take better care of ourselves.

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I am mobile! I don't have a brick-and-mortar yet. Let's meet at a public place that is the most convenient for you! 

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