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I know you have questions, and I don't have all the answers. But I will do my best to answer the most common ones. The best way to put your concerns at ease: come and see me and experience what it could be like to feel your best from the inside out. (open-mind required lol)

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Unfortunately, insurance does NOT cover any holistic or natural supplementing or recommendations.

If you have an HCA account, I do accept that as payment. (Remember insurance companies don't make $$ if you are well. This is why they don't cover anything considered natural or holistic. I hope this changes in the future)!  

Do you "prescribe" medicine?

NO!!! I am not "prescribing" anything. I only make recommendations based on our conversations and information gathered through bio-scanning etc. You can choose not to take any of my recommendations for nutrition, food, or supplementation. I will NEVER tell you to stop taking a medication that was prescribed by your primary care doctor. I want to work WITH your primary care physician, not against them. I am NOT against medicine, it absolutely has its place, just maybe not for everything

Why choose a Holistic or more Natural approach?

We started out by living off the land and using "natural" remedies before medicine ever came around. Using a "holistic" approach means we aren't just looking at a symptom but the root cause of it. I am NOT against medicine but what if we could give your body the tools it needed to heal itself as God intended through a more natural and holistic approach?

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